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    I am making plans on building a cabinet incubator large one so i can have several groups of eggs in the incubator at the same time. say like eggs to be hatched at a week apart. This will be mainly for 18-19 day incubation and then they will be transfered to a hatch-out incubator for the last couple days during lock down.

    So i decided to share my ideas and plans to maybe help others and get feedback on what i could be doing wrong.

    I have acquired a large 24"W x 36"T x 18"D electrical cabinet. Once i have it gutted and prepped i will take some pictures.

    So far i am planning on having a single controller i found on ebay that is actually a temp/humd controller for a hydroponic cabinet. It comes with sensors digital control panel and has 2x 120vac, 15amp relay outputs. Cost $65 shipped.

    Next i want this to be a forced air flow cabinet to better maintain constant conditions. So i have been looking at inline 6" duct fans. I am going to cut two holes 6" Dia one in side-top and one in side-bottom and attach a section of ducting with 2x 90 elbows to the side of the cabinet with the fan in the middle to force the air to circulate inside the cabinet.

    For a heat source I have a small radiant space hater intended for a well pump house that i think should work nicely, location would be on the bottom floor of the cabinet just inside of the inlet of the air flow as to have the air pass over it.

    For humidity i was thinking just sticking one of the small humidifiers you get for a room that puts out water vapor, has a decent tank size i don't think it will run that much as long as i stay out of the cabinet as much as possible.

    Obviously i need egg turning racks, this is where my engineering degree helps. I plan on building at least three levels possibly 4 once i see spacing. That would be a piece of gal pipe 1/2" dia running width wise they would stick out the sides of the box so i would have to drill holes. i have pieces of UHMW angles i am going to use as a bearing block surface flat 1/2" pieces would work as well. I will drill holes in the pipe to attach pieces of either wood or metal to the pipe as supports, then as my egg holders i am going to use the plastic egg holders people use in there fridge just screw those down but first drill a small hole in the bottom of the cup of each egg holder to make sure no liquid or anything can collect. To drive these to rotate slightly back and forth i am going to get a small grearmotor with high torque output and low rpms less than 1RPM. Found one on ebay for 12.99 it is 12vdc so i will have to also buy a 120vac to 12vdc converter but before I buy one i am going to go through the bag of chargers/cords i hoard and my wife is always asking me why to see if i cant just cannibalize one. Motor is only 0.1amp so nothing huge. I will have to make some kind of flywheel to attach to the motor that drives linkage to each bar to rotate the back and forth.

    YES pictures would help i might start drawing it up as soon as its not so freaking cold in my garage where i can go work on the cabinet and get firm dims.

    please any comments!!!

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