built a coop that is big enough for 8 or 9 chickens..... how to add to the flock


Apr 6, 2015
So it looks like I have 4 hens and 1 rooster.... not yet sure but feeling pretty confident about that.

rooster is a silver laced wyandotte

Hens are:
Black Sexlink
Brown leghorn
Barred Plymouth Rock

So the question I have is, I want to have eventually 8 or 9 hens and no roosters....

Should I buy more chicks maybe of different breeds, then introduce them.....

Or should I let my possible rooster do his thing and maybe have some cross breed chicks.... not sure if the hens will go broodie and give me chicks or what....

Is there a good way to add the the flock, ups and down to the 2 methods?
Growing them the natural way can be challenging but maybe eventually you can have your own hens from a roo. But the faster and easier way is to just buy some chicks from the store but adding new chickens can be challenging you have to raise them separately and put them in a cage for a day so the chickens accept them. here is a link on adding chickens to the flock. http://www.mypetchicken.com/backyar...duce-new-chickens-into-my-old-flock-H128.aspx.
If you don't want the rooster, let him go.

You have two breeds that might go broody. I think you have chicks now? If so, how old? If they are chicks, you won't be getting them to go broody until next spring. And they might not go broody at all. I have had every BO I have had go broody, and once an Easter egger, and once a dark cornish, but I have had LOTS of hens that never look back at the nest when they jump off their WHOLE lives.

You asked for advice - but you can take it or leave it. Here goes: I like a multi-generational flock. So what I would suggest is not filling your coop this year. Raise up what you have, get the hang of it, and go through the winter... by then you will know if you like your rooster or not.

Next spring, pray for a broody hen. Let her sit on rocks or golf balls for three weeks (if you got rid of the roos) Call your local feed store, and order chicks for arrival in 3 weeks. Get the chicks, give them all a drink of water, and slip them under the broody hen in the dark.

She will raise them up in the flock, it will be fun to watch, and you don't have to do any of the work, and NO integration issues. AND if it turns out that you don't like roosters, well you can just get pullet chicks.

If you do hatch out your own eggs, there is nothing wrong with crossbred chicks, some are quite pretty, but there is a real possibility that slightly more than half will be roosters.

Personally, once I went with a broody hen, I never went back to the brooder.

Mrs K
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I second Mrs Ks advice. Wait to fill the coop til next season, then you'll have eggs next winter also. Ditch the rooster, no reason to keep one simply because you got him by accident.
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