Built the Coop, Run and have the Chickens... Now What?

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May 17, 2017
So as many on this website I a new to the chicken game. This was a project first pushed on me by my wife and son , which I accepted and things quickly got out of control. I slightly over built the coop and run to know that I am in this thing for the long haul. I have 15 Chickens that are roughly 2 months old and they enjoy spending time in their coop and run. However other than providing them with fresh water/food and the occasional watermelon or cantaloupe scrap I am unsure if there is something additional I need for them in the run for pleasure or health. I have noticed throughout the days the chickens spend a significant amount of time inside the coop rather than the run.

Here are some pics of what I have put together... Thank you in advance for any advice or help.


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They are still young. It takes some time before they really want out a lot.
You made a nice home that they seem to like.

Adding things to hop on like branches or even a wooden saw horse made mine happy.

Try hanging an apple or ear of corn from a thin rope. Not to often mind you. Would not want them eating all fun stuff and missing the needed stuff.

It is like a game of tetherball. :lau


May 21, 2017
Im new too & I gotta tell you I am hooked . I honestly think they know who I am. We are in final phase of the coop. They haven't spent a night outdoors yet because we are still completing & making super predator proof. (we hope) Our run is complete & they love it. I hand feed them a lot, try to pet, .... Today we made a cabbage tether. They love it. I put logs & branches in run - they love it. Each day I turn them for some fresh worms. We also have oregano & mint planted around for easy grab & feed. Your coop looks great. :)


Mar 17, 2015
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To keep things interesting for the hens we have a bale of hay, dust bath, swing and xylophone. We toss a handful of scratch around for them to peck through the "litter" (we do the Deep Litter Method in the run), hands full of fresh grass/weeds and any other things, like fruit, veggies, table scraps we have available get thrown in.


Mar 11, 2017
Frederick, Maryland
We have a couple of birds that will go in the coop mid-day to take a nap. Maybe they just want to be alone (or away from the annoying rooster for a while.) Doesn't seem like errant behavior.

Cash's Coop

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May 17, 2017
Another question for you veterans..... I am curious what your take is on having a roof or no roof and what you use for the floor of the run. As it stands right now the run is 100% open on the top with the exception of chicken wire and a shade tarp to keep direct sunlight off the birds. However i will also mention that my birds free range most of the time.....

The run floor is 100% dirt right now and i have done nothing additional to the ground. Any recommendations on something other than just dirt? Do you add mulch, grass clippings, etc... does this change if you do not have a roof on your run. I currently use pine shavings on the floor of the coop and straw in the nesting boxes and clean out once every month or 45 days. I thought about just throwing this in the run but figured it would get gross if i do not have a roof on the run.

With the roof question is this something i should consider adding on?

Thank you in advance.

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