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May 24, 2020
I was moving my birds to a larger pen today and One of my Cornish X has this weird bulging behind. And it’s acting a little slower than the rest. Still eating and drinking but doesn’t move as much and it just looks “weird” compared to the other 9 I have...
Is this normal?
That looks like Ascites (water belly)! It is caused by a heart condition and is common in meat birds like the Cornish Cross. What you do with it is up to you but many people cull them. We had one in our latest batch with ascites pass at 4 weeks. We butchered the batch today and found another with Ascites. They can survive with it but will suffer or succumb to it.
Thanks for all the replies! So far it seems like size wise the bird is falling behind the others. I’ve seen a bulge in some of the other birds but within a day or two they grew tail feathers there while the original one I posted is still acting lethargic. The stomached doesn’t feel hard and the comb isn’t blue. It kind of just stands there all day like it’s in a daze of some sort.... I think I might just cull it soon to be safe. I don’t want the little guy suffering and I’d rather cull it alive, autopsy and possibly still be able to eat it rather than find it dead one morning.
Well I went out to go cull the bird this morning and found it dead. :( all my other birds are doing totally fine though and acting normal. I’ll be honest I half expected it to happen last night. My wife is a little on the sad side but that’s how it goes. Better dead than suffering. Thanks everyone for the advice!

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