Bullied polish turned bully


7 Years
May 1, 2014
Ten days ago I was contacted by someone rehoming her flock. She told me of her super sweet polish (a breed I think is adorable) that had been bullied. The whole tail was gone and she had a few healing wounds on her bum. She wanted to separate her from the flock and rehome her with a sweeter flock. "That's my sweet flock!" I thought. I have a mixed flock of small and large birds that all get along fine. I kept the polish inside for a week healing her wounds. Then I put her out next to the coop in a crate to start the process of acquainting them. My birds are so totally freaked out by her! I don't know if it is just the head puff or what. After a few days they seemed slightly less freaked out so I tried some moments of having them out in the yard together with me right there. My chickens are all deathly afraid of the Polish. But what is the real problem is that this polish unprovoked attacks any hen in her reach. I have to stop her. She runs and jumps on my girls talons blazing. I have silkies and bantams, so it scares me. My hens have never been like that. Even when combining flocks in the past there was some pecking, but not this type of constant attacking claws blazing out of the blue. She doesn't want to stop either. I had a rolled up newspaper in hand, and even whomping her with that didn't stop her. She is out for blood. I have put off any moments of intermingling for now. She is so sweet on her own, but the moment she sees another hen she attacks. I am guessing she doesn't want to be hurt again so she is trying to be the bully this time? Having her in the crate is a pain! She constantly knocks over her water. I have to go out there 5 times a day to refill the water. I worry she isn't getting enough exercise. And just her presence is stressing out my flock. I am so surprised by all this. I don't want to give up on her, but what can I do? Will this ever get better? Help!


10 Years
Mar 24, 2009
California, central valley
Usually the new bird is the one running away lol, I've never had a newbie be the aggressor. The only thing I *might* do is just give her some more time to settle in, keeping her next to your flock but separated by a fence. To be honest I don't have much tolerance for aggressive behavior and I'd probably send her back. Normal pecking order scuffles are one thing but all out attacks quite another. But she is still pretty new to your place so if you can accommodate her then give it some more time and see if she settles down.

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