Bullseye eggs?


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Any idea how this happened?

And, what causes the external pigmentation in speckled patterns?

I have been wondering why folks don't like to answer my posts as well...

So I will at least respond.... I don't know what causes the different pigmentations of the eggs, but I get some pretty interesting variations. I've had some with bumps and nodes, some that change color from one side of the egg to the other, and some of my brown eggs actually have the coloring rub off if I have to really scrub them to get clean. Its weird, but I think pretty normal. I've even got some with indentations and 3D rings!
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I get at least 4 eggs a week with speckles. No where near as pronounced as the pics, but they are there. I thought it was due to the breed of the chicken. Still the same on the inside...
Interesting read. I give a layer feed and free choice calcium and have not had thin shells, so I don't think such is the case here.

As far as the pattern on the egg, I am thinking more along the lines that the hen got interrupted while laying the egg just as the speckling function was started. She had to stop laying and retain the egg a bit longer therefor the speckling is so concentrated at the end.

Anyone have a better guess?
Maybe she is just an artist and wanted it pretty for you. If you're going to make something, might as well make it pretty, no?
We have 2 Welsummers. One lays almost perfectly even coloured eggs. The other, totally speckled and often really in random designs!

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