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    [​IMG] Ok! I've got 5 girls, 1 Black Australop(the bully), 1 BO, 1 BPR, 2 NHRs. I'm pretty sure that is in order of age as well. The BA and BO are laying inconsistantly every day. My Coop is 4 x5 my run is 4 x 11. They are on Layina from Purina, cracked corn for scratch(bout 3/4 of a cup per day for the lot of them). Plenty of treats, cucumbers, tomatoes, I hang Broccoli plants, bird seed bells, and lobster shells. They all get along pretty well except the BA won't let the 2 NHRs near anything. If they are drinking from the nipple bucket she chases them away, to the broccoli, she chases them away and then doesn't eat the broccoli herself but will just go scratching. I think you get the picture. Been this way for the past month now since I got them. I'm starting to worry about my poor NHRs. The BA has not done any damage to them yet just a quick "get out of here" peck. I isolated her in the coop the other day while I hung a broccoli plant and the other four got aong fine. What can I do, short of eating her, after all she is one of the only two that are laying, to break her from her bullying. Oh! she pretty much leaves the other two alone and even shares with them. I don't mind a pecking order but this is taking it too far. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    you could separate her (the bully) and reintroduce her she will be on the bottom of the pecking order....
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    Quote:How long would she need to be seperated?
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    Quote:How long would she need to be seperated?

    She should be seperated days not hours. This will allow for a reshuffling of the pecking order and possible confidence building on the part of the less dominant. It is quite possible that the 'bully' will regain her position upon reintroduction, but seperation is worth a try. Have you tried multiple feeding and water stations so as to assure that all get to eat and drink?
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    That separation thing is a fact. When I got my chickens they were already pullets. We caught the ones I wanted but one get away. I took home what I had and went back the next morning to get the other BO. When I got her home the other acted as though they had never seen her. So it don't take long. I would try a day and see.
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    one feeder but two waters for now. when the freeze comes the one in the run will be removed the other is heated.
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    My head girl is also a ba, she's not as bad of a bully but she let's them know who's boss. She tugs on our clothes and barges in the house or shed when she wants treats. Seems like BAs are a bit bossy!
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    I think I may have a bully too....I have 3 chickens and 1 is pecking the feathers out of the other 2, even though I have sprayed them with anti-peck (they aren't molting because the feathers are snapped in half).....I may have to separate her too for a bit.

    Good luck with yours babe [​IMG]
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    My chicken who is the boss is really nice to the ones under her but if they pick a fight with her she will hold a grudge on them

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