Bumble foot

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    My chicken has bumble foot.
    Should I seperate her from the rest of the flock?
    Do I have to do the surgrey?
    Is there any medicine I can give her to help ease the and help the foot go down?

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    Here is a good article on bumblefoot.

    But before you go cutting, read the quote from Speckeledhen below....
    Quote:This is what I did for my roo:
    First, I soaked his foot in warm water and epsom salts. Then I wrapped him in a towel and covered his head with a dark colored sock. I had an "assistant" hold him whilst I removed the plug. I cleaned his foot with a 1:1 mixture of iodine/saline. I was fortunate enough to not have to actually "cut" anything. I used a very sharp pair of tweezers which I had sanatized with rubbing alcohol and poked them into the foot alongside the scab. I was then able to remove it. I flushed the hole thoroughly with a new 1:1 mixture of iodine/saline, and packed it with antibiotic ointment WITHOUT PAIN RELIEF as chickens are allergic to "caine" ingredients, commonly found in topical pain relievers. Then I wrapped it with coban "vet wrap" to keep it clean and dry whilst healing.
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