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7 Years
Jul 8, 2012
My Coop
My Coop
Hi! The majority of my flock has a mild case of bumblefoot. I have no idea from what but it's too late now so I'm trying to treat it. I'll be looking for possible explanations as to why a lot of them have it.

I have read that you can do the surgery or there is a type of med for fish you soak there feet in for 5 min each day. Which I would much rather do considering there are so many of them. But I thought first I would try giving them an antibacterial medicine called LinxMed-SP (lincomycin hydrochloride soluble powder) to hopefully bring down the infection within the foot so I don't have to go through the other forms of treatment. But has anyone had any experience with this med?

It doesn't say how much to give them on the package or the website and it also says not to use in layers. If we wait a certain number of weeks would it be okay? I've tried multiple searches and I really cannot find anything. I just really want to not have bumblefoot in my flock so please let me know what to do.

All the scabs are pretty small and the feet are not swelled up. Except for two hens who have one foot each that have the swelling. Should I skip the antibiotics and just go with the med for fish that people have had luck with??

Thanks for any advice I really appreciate it!
Thanks! I'll had to see what I can do. We'll be lowering the roosts.

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