8 Years
May 30, 2011
I have a very tame hen that I have been treating for bumble foot for months. I have read hours worth of "cure all's" none have worked. I have had a vet treat her with Tetracycline with no improvement. I have talked with people who have been successful treating this horrible disease. But in all honesty, I really don't believe there is a cure. I have tried at least twenty or these so called "cures" without luck. At this point I have just about given up on the antibotics. Her foot is very swollen. I have opened the scab three times there is no puss only blood. I have used all the recommended soaks, also the iodine and sugar treatment,along with numerous salves. This morning as a last ditch effort I started using Trimethoprim/Sulfa powder. One and a half teaspoons to a gallon of spring water. It is supposed to treat forms of staph infections. I am hoping this is the magic bullet I am searching for. Has anyone used this treatment and what were the results?
Welcome to BYC. Just for your information, bumblefoot is not a disease, it's an infection. I've never heard of anyone dealing with bumblefoot for months as you have. The staph infection wouldve taken over her body and she would not have survived, even penicillin has a tough time stopping the infection. Have you tried tricide neo? Here's a link to read up on it if you wish.
There is one other possibility depending on the age of your hen. If she's an older hen, she might have gout and not bumblefoot. Gout can cause swelling of the joints and/or feet. Cutting into it is useless, there isnt any puss to be found. You can google "poultry gout" as there are much information regarding gout in poultry. A change in diet might be required in your hens situation to help control gout, if that's what it is.

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