Bunking guineas with ducks

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    Feb 5, 2017
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    I'm thinking about moving my guineas into my duck coop and was wondering if anyone else has their guineas bunking with their ducks and whether that works well for them? When I first got guineas 2 years ago I didn't know if I would like them and want to keep them, so we just made a somewhat temporary coop in a shed where they would go at night and free range during the day. Two years later I love my guineas and can't imagine life without guineas! Didn't see a tick all summer last year! Unfortunately though, we lost 4 of our 6 guineas to an ermine who got into their shed during the night a couple months ago (it took us a month to catch the little murderer but we got him!). So now we want to move our two remaining guineas into a more permanent setup in the barn. My ducks have a coop at the end of the barn where they can free range during the day and come into their coop at night. My 2 guineas seem to get along fine with the ducks, they go into the duck coop frequently to pick through their bedding and eat some of their food. So, I'm thinking that I could just put up a perch in the duck coop and the guineas can move in there. As long as the perch is not above the spot where the ducks like to sleep at night, I don't think they'll get pooped on. I currently have 11 ducks and would like to increase my guinea numbers back up to 6 as well. I think the space is big enough for everyone to bunk comfortably at night. Any other considerations I should be thinking about?
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    Hi there! All of my birds have coexisted in one coop together, guineas and ducks included! I have never had any issues with them, and honestly, any new ducks or chicks I introduce, the guineas try to mother them! It’s quite adorable!
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