burstng at the seams!


10 Years
Jun 20, 2009
Rigby, Idaho
sort of busting at the seams! i have waited to tell most people BUT as you all know my hubby is a long haul truck driver, and worked for a company that would only allow him to be home every 12-20 weeks, which was TERRRIBLE. the longer he stayed at that job the further we grew apart. it just was not getting better. our daughters were sad, and in tears when he came home for 1 day and had to leave again. he missed many holidays, birthdays, family outings etc. there were many times where he was told he was going home only to be told a few hours later that he had to continue driving.

2 years, i saw my hubby 23 days total. it was horrible. he felt out of the loop, i no longer felt like i was married. our marriage was failing. in this economy we were glad he had a job, but the pay was horrendous , barely paying the bills, not worth it.

he finally took a chance, applied at another job, did the physical, the UA, everything. and we waited. when we were finally told he got the job, well, lets say i was skeptical, it seemed too good to be true!

the old company when they hired him, told us
'we are a family company,we make sure that our drivers with young children are home often if you want to go home just tell us!'

RIGHT shawn had been told nearly every time he asked to come home 'if you go home, we cant gaurentee you will have a job when you come back' he had to fight to be home for christmas last year, and the year before , they made sure he got stuck in colorado for christmas.

they said the bring home pay was 700+ a week, as long as he drove a minimum of 10,000 miles per month. shawn drove 14,000 a month at minimum and the pay varied from 50$ a week to 400 a week (bring home) with 5 checks being 700 or more .

the old company said that he would be home 2 weekends a month. *sigh* try 2 weekends every 4-5 months! and not a full weekend 99% of the time it was over night only.

new company:
they said they only send them out far enough to have enough hours to deliver, and come home, so they can spend their restart at home
so far, that is true. shawn has been there 4 weeks almost, and every time, he his home every 6 days for 2-3 days!

they said, that the average bring home pay is 800-1000 a week.
so far, he has brought home about 850 a week!

christmas time they had a huge christmas party for the drivers, where we learned that the new company makes sure ALL their drivers are home for the holidays!!

i love it! i know things may seem too good to be true, but this job seems perfect! our daughters are sleeping better and not having such a hard time letting daddy go back on the road. i am starting to get to know my hubby again and he is me also..
he will be home on friday, till monday. so far, he has been home more days in one month with the new job than he was in one YEAR with the old job! :)
My hubby is a trucker also.. (just started like 7 months ago..)
And i told him NO over the road jobs,..and he agreed, its just too hard on a marriage.
I'd miss him like crazy... PLUS, he needs to be home to do the chores around here..
shawn left again yesterday. i sure hope that once we get used to this that things settle down! lol seems like when he is home its run run run!

and again, another AWESOME check :) i really like this job!

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