Busy pup, grieving family and one lonely duck-gal.


5 Years
Apr 22, 2014
Hi, I'm new to the site. I started out with a pair of quackers. They've been in and out of the coup (Dog on a leash) for about 3 weeks. All was well, but I never let my dog off the leash. I figured if I did it often enough then somehow she would accept them as family. I loved the morning "Splash" that Daisy and Douglas made as they hit their water pool, playing around.

We had a very sad incident yesterday, though. D&D were waddling around the property and when they got to the front door, they took off - just flew off. Daisy realised when she was heading off property and stopped, landing in a flowerbed. Douglas kept going, higher and higher and we watched in shock and desperation as he simply vanished. We've spoken to all the neighbours (some I hope I'll never see again; gosh some people are plain spooky - lol!) but no Douglas.

I don't know if Daisy will survive alone as they've always been together. I don't know if I was going about training my dog right to get used to the ducks (she's a staffie). And I don't know if I should get Daisy another mate; if so, should it be male or female?
Any advice on training a dog, or PTS in ducks or wether I should get her a mate would be very appreciated. I'm at a total loss.
I've learnt that ducks are hard work if they don't have enough space so I must get her out of the courtyard (she's been there for safety as much as to be close to us) and out into the garden. How do I stop her from flying off!?

So many questions.

I would get some more hens and a drake for Daisy, preferably the same breed. What breed do you have Call, Mallard, East Indie, Muscovy? To prevent Daisy from flying off clip her wing, its when you cut off the flight feathers on one wing. I don't think Daisy could get Post-Tramautic Syndrome from another duck flying off, Ducks might be able to get PTS if attacked or chased by a predator in a certain area, causing them to avoid that area.
While there are people who will swear their dogs love their ducks, it is my firm opinion that the two species should not mix. Dogs are dogs. I love love love staffies. But no matter what, if that dog grabs a duck, the consequences may be unpleasant. I adore my dogs and have lost one pet because I was asleep at the switch and my dog was being a dog. Totally MY fault. Never saw it coming.
So, I say get a few more hens. Don't bother with a drake, in case your guy returns. And keep them safe, and keep the dog away. Not fair to torment them with that much temptation, imo.
I am sorry about Douglas :(. I would definitely get her at least one female friend. Your drake may come back; I have heard stories of ducks flying off and returning a few days later. So I would not get another male just yet. I also recommend clipping your duck's wing so this does not happen again. Good luck

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