But I don't *want* a hole there


9 Years
Dec 17, 2010
A couple weeks ago, I dug a rock out of the middle of the back yard, leaving a small hole just big enough to trip over. So I took a big pot of dirt left over from a dead plant and dumped it over the hole, thinking it would pack down over time and fill in the hole.

My girls had other ideas. It is now their favorite dustbathing spot, and what had been a small hole is now a big and growing hole.

Now, I am happy for them to dustbathe, in any of the half dozen spas they have already made in the back yard. But this is the middle of the lawn, and they're digging up my grass. Does anyone know how to encourage them to pick another spot?

I have plans to put a tub with ash and DE in their run for pest control. Is it too much to hope that they'll like it so much they'll forget about digging up my lawn?

Suggestions, anyone?
buried mine or hand grenade?

Actually, I don't think that would stop them, just slow them down a little.

And thanks for the fence/grass seed idea. Although I don't have a fence on hand, I do have a dog crate I could put over the spot. Which I will apply as soon as I can pry the chickens out of their new spa.
if it won't be a hassle some time in the future, lay down wire- either on surface or an inch or so below surface level and let grass grow through it. this will stop the chickens.

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