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14 Years
Jul 10, 2009
North Carolina Sandhills
My Coop
My Coop
We spent a month digging those holes!




This afternoon's task was to tidy the pen.

I picked up the well-cleaned bones of a couple roasts, tossed a thick layer of pine straw into the holes near the fence (they'll have it out again within the week, but it looks better for now and helps keep them entertained), exposed some of the remaining grass, buried some sweetpotatoes they aren't interested in eating under the pine straw in hope that the bugs they do like to eat will be attracted to the elderly vegetables, and added more pine straw to the thin spot near the entrance.

I need to get a bale of shavings to change out the coop and my cleaning/maintenance will be done until the New year.

And maybe by then we'll be started on the new coop and run. :)
Yes, they're having fun.

It's really amusing because they freak out about the actual raking and pitching of bedding when I tidy the pen but they also follow me around and run right into the places I've made piles so that they can scratch them apart.

This has been a temporary pen and only in use since mid-July. I expect that once the permanent coop and run are established for a while there will be plenty of bugs underneath when I flip and rake.

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