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Mac in Wisco

15 Years
May 25, 2007
SW Wisconsin
We butchered 31 broilers today at 7 1/2 weeks old. Our results were outstanding. I ordered 30 straight run jumbo broilers from Sunnyside and received 31. I allowed for 15 lbs of feed per bird ordered and bought 150 lbs of 22% organic corn/soy ration to start and 300 lbs of 20% organic corn/soy to finish. The birds dressed out at an average of 5.5 lbs per bird with neck. The largest were 8 lbs, the smaller ones just under 5 lbs, with one runt at 3 lbs.

It was 168 lbs of dressed birds, working backwards I figure 240 lbs of live weight (using .70, since I left the neck attached). That gives me an FCR of 1.88:1. WOW.

I'm not sure why folks complain about the cost. My numbers:

450 lbs of ORGANIC feed: $153.96
Chicks: $34.70
Shavings for brooder: $6.00
Electricity (est.) $15.00
Propane for scalding: $5.00
Shrink bags for 31: $11.00

Total $226 or $1.35 / lb

That's $1.35 / lb feeding certified organic feed...
Nicely done Mac. The price of your organic feed certainly is cheaper than I can get. I would consider it if I could get that kind of pricing. Best price I can find is $.44/pound around here. Did you tractor them or raise them indoors? With those weights in that time, I'm guessing indoors.
That was indoors in the bottom of our old dairy barn. They had quite a bit of area, around 5 square feet per bird, bedded down with old hay.
Hey! We get ours from sunnyside too, never had any issues this is our 4th year!

We don't butcher till week 11-12 and our average was 9.5lbs biggest 10 and smallest 8lbs! And that's free range from 3 weeks of age.

I do spend more keeping them a life the last month since they go through a ton of feed, plus pine shavings since I cleaned there coop 2-3 times a week
Wow! That's a really good cost per pound considering you were feeding them organic feed. That's what it costs me to raise them on conventional feed. Feeding them organic costs me about $1.80 per pound of dressed weight.
This part of Southwest Wisconsin has a lot of organic agriculture. It was several farmers in my area that started the CROPP cooperative that markets the Organic Valley brand and the co-op's headquarters is right here in this county, in a little village with a population of 800 people. I produce eggs as a member of the cooperative and buy my feed from a local organic mill that deals mostly in poultry feeds.

Those feed prices are actually pretty high, around $17 a bag. When I checked the prices on broiler feed early in the spring it was around $13-$14 a bag.
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