Butchered my first chicken/animal


Mar 27, 2020
Southwestern Pennsylvania
A processed chicken meets a much more peaceful and respectful end than a laying hen dead to predators or illness. Great work on a job well done!
You’re so right about that. Every member of the laying flock that has died, has died traumatically Or unexpectedly.
Congrats! Our first was just three weeks back or so. It is deeply satisfying to sit down to a meal you are totally responsible for. Honestly, a bit envious. Our property isn't there yet. But you sat down to the end goal.
It is deeply satisfying. It’s almost an addiction trying to become more and more self sufficient.


Make eggs, not war
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Jul 10, 2020
My Coop
I have some Cornish x that we are processing next weekend. First time I’ve ever done anything like this. Unfortunately I found one that couldn’t walk today so I had an unexpected dinner.

I grew every single component of this meal. Potatoes, green beans, herbs, and of course, the chicken. Other than making vegetarian dishes, I have never been able to do something like this so it feels very rewarding!
Look at you! :celebrate Congratulations! That takes some guts. Not just anyone could do what you have done. I am proud of you! :hugs

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