Butchering My Bully

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    About 6 months ago I got a small shipment of hatchery chicks. My favorite one (an EE) ended up being a Roo - of course! I live in a rural residential neighborhood, so I ended up giving him to my sister who lives in the sticks.
    Since then, my sister has gotten a new flock of chicks and my Roo is being a big time bully. The plan was to eventually butcher him, but now the date has been set. Thanks to Frugal's EXCELLENT picture tutorial, I will be trying my hand at processing a chicken for the first time this saturday. Any pointers/tips I should know before hand?
    Here's a pic of the bully:
    And apparently he likes to go after my oldest niece. [​IMG]
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  2. CMV

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    Use very sharp knives. And keep a sharpener handy.

    Good luck. Nothing tastes better than an animal that has been irritating you for months.
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    Tips, start the water heating before you get started.

    I used the milk jug upside down, nailed to a post or a tree, and liked it better than years ago when we chopped their heads off and let them flop.

    Sharp knife, pull back on the comb, and do it quick and it is over.

    Dip the bird a couple times in the hot water, pull some feather, they should come out easy, if they don't dip again.
    Use a brown paper bag to collect the feathers in. Also I have read that rubber gloves can help in pulling feathers, but I did not try them.

    You feel very confident when you get it all done. It is a good feeling to be able to provide for yourself, and loved ones.

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    The Oil Gland is the most important thing I can think of.
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    No feed for 24 hours.
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    Come on over to the Meat Birds Etc forum, LOTS of info there! [​IMG]
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    Best of luck ! [​IMG]

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    If he's difficult to catch then wait until after dark to pick him off his roost and confine him in a cage. Provide water up until the time he's dispatched, but remove ALL food, even grass he can reach through the bars of the cage, 18-24 hours before he goes.

    Let the meat "rest" for 2-3 days in the refrigerator before cooking. He should still cook up tender if you cook him slowly with low heat and plenty of moisture.

    Check out the Meat Birds Etc section for lots of other helpful advice & support.

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