Butter Churn


11 Years
Oct 1, 2008
Yorkshire, Ohio
We have way more goat milk than we can drink, so I am wanting to make some goat milk butter. If anyone has an old butter churn sitting around collecting dust are you're wanting to sell, please let me know. I will pay the shipping obviously. From looking on ebay, looks like the shipping would be $20-$25.

Never had goat butter. Anyone ever have it? Is it good?

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you really need a cream seperator to make goat milk butter. I make alot of butter from our dairy cow, it is easy to do because the cream rises and seperates easily. This is not the case with goats milk, the cream does not seperate as easy (if at all) We had a herd of Saanen dairy goats and I could never make butter from their milk. Sorry I can't help with the butter churn, I bought both of mine off ebay.
Try finding an old glass sun tea dispenser. with wide top. Keep in refrigerator and after about 15 days, take the cream off the top of it! We do this and the balance of the milk becomes butter milk!

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