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    We were in the area near "chicken park" and came across a huge handsome fellow with a massive butterfly comb. (Chicken park is an area in the city where people sadly dump their unwanted birds. Naturally the population is 90% roosters.) Not sure what breed he was but looked a little like a Bielfelder or similar.

    It got me wondering about comb genetics. He did not look like he had any apparent Houdan and was very large. Are there other breeds with these "double" combs? If he was a mutt, what would the likely origins of that comb be? It was very impressive and made him look positively prehistoric.

    Any good sources discussing comb genetics for a beginner?
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    Nov 28, 2016
    Please post a picture and I will try to help.
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    Sadly I did not get a picture but may in the future and hopefully I will see him again. He basically appeared to have two large gnarly single combs set at an angle to each other kind of representing a V but the bases were a small finger-width apart. I'm sure they were connected in some way but visually did not appear to be.

    Below is the only picture I could find that comes close, His were a little more upright, bigger, and did not appear to obviously meet in the front or back so no "cup" look.. Just a really cool bird so it piqued my interest.

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