Button and Coturnix quail hatching eggs~~variety of colors

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    Obviously, the BIN and shipping prices are not right, I ship by weight and location [​IMG]

    Coturnix eggs are $3 for 10-pack plus S&H
    I have jumbo goldens and browns, and pharoah whites and tibetans. These are currently inside, and are all mixed together, so you could get some pretty interesting variations!
    The goldens are from ugly ducky's birds, the browns and tibetans are from my own birds, and the whites are from mamawolf544.
    Maximum of 4 10-packs.
    (I still have other colors as well, but they are outside, so won't be available for a few more months. [​IMG])

    Buttons are also inside, I have just about every color, except for pied. I don't personally have whites, but many people have hatched white buttons from these eggs. I usually have at least one white hatch in every batch. [​IMG]

    Buttons are $15 for 18+ eggs including shipping.
    Pics of the buttons are on my page. My starter birds came from Mrs. AK bird brain [​IMG]

    I get from 7-9 eggs daily from the coturnix, and 4-7 eggs daily from the buttons.

    Payment by money order only at this time, please send me a pm (or post here) with how many/what kind you are wanting. You can mix and match as well (buttons and coturnix) just contact me for pricing [​IMG]

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