Button behavior: Crying all the time


7 Years
Sep 9, 2012
With fall here and less light in the living room, my little button quail, Buzz, has stopped laying.
I put a full-spectrum light fixture on top of the pen she shares with her three sisters to hopefully get all four of them laying. They're three months old and aside from Buzz they still haven't started!
We're on day four with the light. Yesterday i did a tummy check and one of my girls, Joan, was feeling very thick and warm in her abdomen, which i presume indicates her egg factory is starting up. She's been flock-calling constantly, though. As soon as the light comes on she starts flock calling and she doesn't stop until the light goes off.
"WEEEE wee-wee-weeeeee" every few minutes all day.

I know she's calling for a male, but i don't have the space to separate her into her own pen with her own male like i did for my mated pair and i'm not even sure where i'd get just one male. The breeder from whom i bought my current quail was getting rid of all of his birds, and it took days of searching to find him.
Is there anything i can do for her? Will she just get over it eventually? Poor little thing.

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