Button quail getting picked on


5 Years
Jul 13, 2014
Hello everyone
All my button quails have grown up healthy and just started laying :D but I noticed one of them seems to be getting attacked every now and then. It's being picked on by 2 others and runs around the cage. But they are fine at times, also snuggle up in the nest box together at times. What exactly is going on? He has a peck mark around his face too
I would really appreciate any replies. Thanks!
Button quail should be kept in single pairs. You are witnessing aggression and it can be between males and or females. For the health of your birds and for a long life please keep them in pairs. Sorry you are having fighting but that is normal if kept in more then single pairs.
If I separate him Iam afraid hell get lonely they all grew up together and I won't have more buttons till I incubate the current eggs
You can separate the one being attacked and put him/her in a cage next to the other pair's cage. That way, they can still see each other, but cannot touch one another. They'll always be able to chirp to one another until you can find another buddy for him/her.

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