Button Quail hatching day 17


10 Years
May 23, 2012
Yes, it's day 17 and... nothing. Not even a pip. I broke down and candled them about 10 minutes ago. The lighter eggs were easy to see that nothing was in there. The darker eggs, I couldn't quite tell. How much longer should I wait before throwing in the tail and starting over?
I spoke too soon. I had 8 hatch overnight. They are the tiniest, little, popcorn babies. I put them in the brooder already and they're all over the place. They're quick, little suckers.They're so darn cute. I left the rest of the eggs in the incubator. After tomorrow, I may open them up to see if any have embroyos. I think my thermostat isn't working right, and it may not have been warm enough. Before I hatch any more eggs, I'm going to get a seperate thermomator to double check temps.
Could be how you determined it was day 17?
Day 1 is considered after 24 hours in the incubator, not the day you set them! The day you set is considered Day 0.

Button eggs usually hatch in 14 to 16 days. The 'late hatch' your describing would mean, either you counted the start date wrong or the temperature wasn't at the optimum temp of 99.5°F.
Definitely need to get some independent thermometers and a hygrometer and calibrate them before another hatch. Never relie on the incubators sensors, they are notoriously inaccurate.

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