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    Mar 12, 2011
    My buttons are currently 4 weeks old. Few days ago, someone told me that if they are kept in bright area, they are likely to get cannibalism (i think thats how to spell it..maybe?).

    My buttons are usually in bright areas... I did made shades but they NEVER go there.. (hmmm I wonder why.)

    So I just connected their new home (its huge box) to the huge bird cage that I had to keep 2 parakeets.

    So the box is bright, and cage has shades. But they still won't go to the cage, so I got some sand, washed it few times,dried it, and put it in bird cage.

    They seem to go in there... but they just eat sand and poop [​IMG] .

    And I just wondered... are they too young to eat sand or do sand bath?

    I'm going to get some play sand today.. will play sand be okay?
  2. Yes. Play sand it good and so is constructions sand. Wash it if you wish. Quail LOVE playin in the sand and it is really good for them. Watch them preen after a good sand bath. Quail playin in the sand is like me and mine palyin in the sand at Glamis/Gordons/Pismo with the toys.

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