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    with the containers i was using to water my Button babies it seemed like i was refilling it every couple hours or so...i was concerned that thru the night they'd run out and dehydrate so i made a waterer out of a Gladware "Mini Round" (1/2 cup) storage bowl and lid. It was so easy to make and holds quite a bit of water .Also it only cost me 3.00 for an 8 pack of them at a dollar store.

    All you do is take the mini round and punch or melt a small hole about the size of the lead of a pencil into the top edge of the bowl UNDER the lip. Then at the same place that you have the hole ,you cut out a narrow strip of the actual lip of the bowl. Turn the container right side up, fill it 2/3 with water, snap on the lid WITH the TAB lined up under the holes you made. Water should come out into the edge all the way around the bowl's lip plus into the tab area. Stick 1 or 2 small stones into the tab
    my babies love it and so do i cuz they get plenty of water and the lip is so small that it's just their size .Except for at the tab, there's no need for marbles etc. And 8 of them for 3.00 is just an added bonus !
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    Are you able to post a picture for us to see what you did?

    You can also get quail waterers that screw onto a canning jar. I put the small craft marbles that are smashed flat in the rim of the waterer. A quail waterer will cost about $2 at TSC, if they have them where you live. (It is the only place here that carries them.) The craft marbles are $1 at a dollar store, or about $2 at Walmart, in the craft section. Hobby Lobby has them, too. I wash them well first & even boil them gently before each batch of babies.
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    i am having the worse time sharing photos....grrrrrrrr

    i like these b/c they have a tiny Button beak sized water space that dispenses water and they can't poop in it at all either . i have bigger waterers suitable for adults and even older babies ,these work perfect for new hatched though....
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    You sounds like you're very creative! [​IMG]
    Can't wait for a picture.
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    Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :

    You sounds like you're very creative! [​IMG]
    Can't wait for a picture.

    a picture? hahahaha...i HATE my computer right now [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] ...and how 'illiterate ' i am with computer stuff......those pictures may be 10 years old before i figure out how to get them so i can post them!​

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