Button Quail


7 Years
May 10, 2012
Mesa, AZ
Hi, I am interested in button quail and had a few questions.
How much square footage do each button need?
Incubation settings( humidity, temperature, etc...)
Egg yeild



7 Years
May 28, 2012
A general rule of thumb for space is one square foot of floor space per bird and please keep them in single pairs, so a 2 foot by 2 foot cage with 1/2 inch spacing on the bars would work nicely. Low ceiling of 12-14 inches so they do not boink their heads when frightened. Also remember that they do not do well on wire bottom cages, I covered mine with the non slip shelf liner, Rubbermaid, and it works great and can be removed to wash. I then cover it with aspen shavings which I change out every couple of weeks, with poop scooping done between.
Incubation is 16 days give or take, at 99.5-99.9 in a incubator with a fan in one without a fan 100.0 Fahrenheit. humidity of 50-60% especially after day 13 when you quit rolling the eggs have the humidity up to 60% if you can.
My female lays an egg every day for 10 days or so but they are usually only viable for 7 days.
hope this helps and good luck.

this is a great book to get: Bracken Ridge Ranch - Button Quail Eggs
A Closer Look at "Button Quail" by Jodi McDonald of Bracken Ranch.
I love this book it helps a lot.

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