Buying a FoodSaver, need help!


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I want to get a FoodSaver, finally, but I am beyond confused by the many, many models available. All I can tell for sure is that I don't want the latest one, because people seem to hate it. On their website, they have a basic model, the V2060 , that is on sale for $79.

Is there any reason to pay more for one of the other models? We'll mainly be using it to freeze our own chickens that we butcher, game my husband hunts, and some produce from the farmer's market.
There is a thread on one of the forums I waste time on where people who had food savers preferred the hand pump zip lock bags.

I have one of the Handy battery operated thingies and I can use either zip lock or handy bags.
I am on my 3rd food saver. some of the cheaper models aren't as wide as the other ones.
I finally went for the best one after burning my last one out in 2 hunting seasons.
The better models have 2 pumps some have Teflon coated pistons for longevity.
The smaller ones have a fixed sealing time, the better ones can be adjusted so if your sealing something that has lots of liquid you can make the sealing time longer to heat through the liquid.
Also, the better molels have an internal locking mechanism to , you push the start button, the mechanism pulls down the lid tightly then locks, then starts to suck.
I have an older version of this one but it looks basically the same. DBF has a newer one (no clue what model it is) that stores the rolls and cuts them. I don't think one is any better than the other, just depends on how many bells and whistles you want to pay for.

The unit itself, whichever one you choose, is well worth it. I have had them for years and when it finally dies, I'm so lost without it that I have to go buy another that same day. We buy alot in bulk and then package it in smaller two-person portions. The bags are not big enough to hold a whole large chicken though (found that out the hard way when I did my meat birds) but it will hold pieces and halves just fine. Mine came with the cannisters and I really never use them or any of the other accessories except the one that seals Mason jars.

I highly suggest the "Foodsaver" brand and not a cheaper imitation though. It's the one appliance that I personally can't live without. No matter which model you choose, you definitely won't regret it.
I have both the Ziploc and Reynolds vacuum pumps, and I find that they don't always block freezer-burn or hold a seal. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. I was hoping for something a little better. I hang out over at the Grocery Game website (hardcore coupon shoppers), and those people are INSANE for the Food Saver.

Then, I recently ordered some beautiful grassfed beef and lamb from a local farm, and it came frozen in Food Saver packaging. I figured if these people were willing to put their livelihood in the hands of this contraption, it might be worth checking out again. The plastic is much thicker than freezer bags...although I have not yet tried the "new" Ziplocs that are supposed to have some kind of super-barrier....???
So if you get the super-basic model, that just means you'll be cutting your own bags from the roll? And that you have to keep the roll in a drawer or something? That doesn't sound bad at all.
I got mine, the average one, at Walmart. I love it. Nothing fancy, seals things up perfect. I even use it for packing up backpacing meals and have no problems even after pouring boiling water into the bags.

I keep my roll of bags in the drawer with the alum foil and other stuff.
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I noticed they had one on the website for fish and game for $99. Is this one any good? We freeze alot of fish in the summer. I so want one of these as well.

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