Buying Day Old Chicks-Do I Vaccinate, and If so, with what?


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Nov 16, 2012
We are seriously considering adding to our flock, after we are done with the "pox" here. We want to avoid the kinds of problems chickens can have, if possible. I know there are vaccines our there, and I'm wondering which we should do, when, etc.

Previously we have raised ducks and they seem immune to everything. In 10 years we have only had one duck die from disease, and that was a duck that kept having seizures. So....this chicken illness is new to me and I want to protect my birds, if possible. Is there a good guide, manual and/or book I can get, or perhaps a good website? We will probably add in the spring, so we have time to study!
Helps the chickens absorb nutrients better, improves overall health and appearance, improves egg production, helps prevent pasty butt in chicks (poop clogging up their bums, can be fatal in small chicks), the list goes on. Here's a good thread about it:

I started giving it to my chicks after I lost some to pasty butt. Never seen such healthy little chicks. I gave my older chickens some as well and the hens started laying better within 2 days. Needless to say I'm a fan! See if you can get the organic one with the "mother" in it. that's the best, though the ordinary one you get at the supermarket also works quite well. That's the one I used.
Pasty butt is just messy poop stuck on the butt that can kill a chick. It needs to be gently cleaned off.

The vaccine I recommend is the coccidiosis vaccine. You can usually buy it in chick starter feed.

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