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    I am new to buying eggs online and I bought some eggs off of Ebay (haven't received them yet) and got to wondering about safety and a state's requirements of importing eggs.

    I know that when I ordered my chicks, I got them from an NPIP participating hatchery (Cackle Hatchery) and they provided me with USDA for VS 9-3. Does this apply to eggs too? Oregon State's ODA Import Requirements state (in part):

    Poultry - except ratites
    A. shipped from a flock which is not an NPIP participant must have

    1. a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection issued no more than 30 days prior to entry,
    2. a negative test for Salmonella pullorum-typhoid, and
    3. an import permit number.

    B. shipped direct from a flock which is an NPIP participant and must be shipped on USDA form VS 9-3, with no other requirements.

    Nothing is mentioned about eggs in the whole "Import Requirements for Birds and Poultry" section.

    I believe that I read that the Salmonella pollorum-typhoid is transmittable through eggs.

    I contacted the seller and she said:

    "I do not participate in the NPIP Program at this time. My flock is tested yearly in order for my children to show at our county fair but I do not provide any negative paperwork with my eggs."

    I have to believe that this not uncommon. If you do a search on Ebay for "hatching eggs" you come up with more than 600 listings and that is only one source.

    Is this something that I should be so worried about that I need to destroy the eggs upon arrival and not do it again? [​IMG]

    I would appreciate your help, experience and expertise on this one.
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    It all comes down to how you want your flock. Will you be NPIP certifying your flock or are you already? Would you buy chicks from a source that is not NPIP? Its all about your preference. It does apply to eggs as well. So if you are NPIP certified then you have to get chicks/eggs from sources that are the same & can provide you with documentation so you can as well keep your certification.

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