Buying turkeys


8 Years
May 20, 2011
I'm looking for royal palm turkeys but the store I usually buy birds from doesn't sell them and they won't order them. What I'm wondering is does anybody know of a good place to purchase them as either chicks or hatching eggs?
Nice feedback rating, Steve! Out of curiosity, does anyone ever leave follow up feedback on how the hatch is? I know that shipping can be hard on eggs, but if development is decent I like to leave follow up to reflect that. If it isn't very good I contact the seller as an FYI and leave it at that.
Thanks guys. I actually found someone who lives about 2 hours away who has them so we may buy them from her. But if we find cheaper prices we'll consider it.
how did you find them? id like to get some from someone nearby, but dont know how to go about finding them.

We checked out and people put a lot on there. Also we searched for hours and hours for some(everybody is out of stock). We also put an ad on craigslist and bestfarmbuys. Lastly, we called around to our local feed stores to find some. But craigslist and best farm buys work the best.

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