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Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by brooster, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. brooster

    brooster Songster

    Jun 14, 2007
    northwest Ohio
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  2. hypnofrogstevie

    hypnofrogstevie chick magnet

    Jul 12, 2007
    Newton NJ
  3. sweetshoplady

    sweetshoplady Songster

    Feb 4, 2008
    Venice, Florida
    Great job, Brooster!

    Very helpful!
  4. jenlynn4

    jenlynn4 Songster

    Jan 12, 2007
    I am in pa and have Standard Black, blue, and splash cochins and Silkies in White, Buff, Partridge, Cuckoo, and Black/blue/splash.
  5. brooster

    brooster Songster

    Jun 14, 2007
    northwest Ohio
    Im going to try to get everyone on this weekend. Thanks! [​IMG]
  6. halo

    halo Got The Blues

    Nov 22, 2007
    My Coop
    I dont have a website. Can I use the link to My Page on here?
  7. SGM

    SGM Songster

    Aug 18, 2008
    Easley, SC
    I'm in SC and have Blue/Black/Splash, Blue & Black Mottled, Gold Laced & Birchen bantam Cochins, Self Blue OEGBs, Spangled OEGBs, RIRs and good ol' mixes both standard and bantam. Getting ready to do a complete overhaulin on my poultry website. [​IMG]
  8. brooster

    brooster Songster

    Jun 14, 2007
    northwest Ohio
    I belive i got everyone. If i missed you let me know. There are now two of poultry pages, one is A-N and the other is O-Z.
  9. DUccleDude

    DUccleDude Songster

    Apr 13, 2008
    Cameron Mills, NY
    We just started putting our website together. The address is We are in New York. We have Bantam Salmon Faverolles, Australorps, Mottled Japanese, D'Uccles, Wheaton OEG, Silverduckwing OEG, Silkies, Lady Amhearst Pheasants, Embden Geese, and Black East Indies Ducks. [​IMG]

    Add us to the list please I am sure we will have stuff for sale in the spring or maybe sooner [​IMG]
  10. vicki2x2

    vicki2x2 Super Chick

    Feb 9, 2008
    Central Michigan
    I would like to be added also but need to get a site up. I will check back in when it is done.


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