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    Looking at the chicken breeds list it seems there is a tendency for all chicken owners to feel that their breed is "friendly". [​IMG]
    Sure, it's a little hard for us to be totally objective, I'm sure I'm as guilty of it as anybody, we all love our birds and keep the breeds we love.

    The 12 attributes available for breeds are:
    calm vs. flighty (do they take fright at small disruptions, run around and become hard to calm down)
    quiet vs. noisy (how loud is the hen and rooster noise)
    bears confinement vs. does not bear confinement well (do they sicken or seem unhappy in a small pen)
    docile vs. wild/restless (do they flip out when you hold them)
    easily handled vs. aggressive (do they attack you... or not)
    friendly vs. shy (do they like people, do they come up to say hello... or not)

    Or at least, it seems to me like this is how it was set up, each attribute has a "positive" and a "negative" version.

    There is a little overlap, if you don't see them in pairs. "Docile" and "easily handled" sound similar, so do "wild/restless", "flighty", and "does not bear confinement well".

    The way it is laid out in the search tool, in a random list "aggressive, flighty, noisy, friendly, easily handled, quiet, wild/restless, calm, shy, does not bear confinement well, bears confinement well, docile" doesn't make it clear if all these are pairs which are mutually exclusive. If the original page for "write a breed description" was laid out the same way, it would have been easy enough to come up with a breed profile such as

    Quote:I feel like the original list has a few weak spots,

    "aggressive" could mean, maybe just aggressive roosters (aggressive to people, or to other roosters). It could even mean hen-on-hen aggression.
    How about,
    "aggressive roosters"
    "very territorial"
    "laid back personality"

    There isn't really a term which describes strong survival instincts. "wild/restless" is the closest thing, but with "restless" it sounds more like an antisocial personality than a smart can-do attitude.
    How about,
    "savvy survival instincts"
    "stay close to home"
    "prone to wander"
    "easily disoriented"
    "excellent forager"
    "poor on free range"

    There are some other traits that might be important for people to know, such as
    "strong flier"
    "escape artist"
    "slow moving"

    I'm sure there are other things I haven't thought about. [​IMG]

    Best - exop
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