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    As a lot of you know, we were out of several of the "My Pet Makes Me Breakfast" teeshirts.

    Nifty just sent me what he had and so now we have limited amounts of ones not showing in the store .
    in stock here at the store.

    We have a couple men's short sleeve blue

    A few in mens' short sleeve tan in sizes small, medium and large

    We have a large blue and a large tan long sleeve

    In Ladies we have ladies tan in small and large.
    Also in Ladies we have blue in small medium and large

    This is in addition to what is showing in the drop down menu in the store.

    If any of you remember the Topless Chicks Teeshirts, we have 1 each of those in small, medium and large.

    We have "Got Chickens" tees, too. One each small, medium, large and XL.

    The store will be revamped soon to include these.

    Supplies are limited and will be on a first come first served basis.
    To purchase, buy any of the shirts in the store and in the notes section when you pay, let me know which you want.

    Easy! [​IMG]

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