Cable Ties for Chick ID


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Mar 31, 2010
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No red - see available colors below

I have cable ties (4") in 8 colors -
black, white, blue, orange, yellow, green, brown, and gray

I will ship your choice of quantity and colors (up to 100) for $.09 each. I will ship up to 200 for $.08 each and over 200 for $.06 each. If you want larger quantities, PM me for details.

This price includes shipping!

Choose your own color combinations and use multiple colors and alternate legs to track your breeding or just to be able to tell your chickens apart! Track your guesses of gender from hatch to crow (or egg!) Use different combinations of colors to indicate which birds came out of the best colored eggs. The possibilities are endless!

Plan to use three consecutive ties (same colors) while the bird is growing, and then one, once the leg has reached full size. Don't forget to order extra's in case you have to replace some, unexpectedly.

Make sure to check the fit on the birds leg often to ensure that the tie is not too tight. Ties should be cut off and replaced before the band will not slide freely on the shank of the leg.

Not recommended for feather legged birds (the ties are small enough to be hidden by the feathers and bands may not be noticed before they are too tight.)

Instructions for chicks: Insert the tapered end of the tie into the square receiver end on the flat side. Make a large loop by inserting the tip in only as far as necessary so that it just catches and can't be pulled out again. Have a helper hold the chick's leg, firmly but gently, above the knee while you guide the bird's foot through the loop. Slowly tighten the loop just until the loop is too small to slip off over the foot. The tie should be able to slide up and down the shank freely. Cut off the excess tip and use a nail file or sandpaper to rub off any sharp edges. Check the tie often - every few days - and replace it before the tie gets tight.

Instructions for adult birds - Have a helper hold the bird's leg at the knee. Wrap the tie around the leg and insert the tapered end into the receiver end on the flat side. Tighten only enough to allow 1/8 inch gap on all sides of the leg, inside the loop.

NOTE: If the loop is too tight, cut it off immediately and replace with another tie, applied more loosely. Use side cutters or nail clippers to cut the tie, take care not to cut the bird's leg.

I will ship to the lower 48 US states at this price. I will ship else where, but postage will apply. Please send me a PM if interested! Thank you!
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I ordered 40 assorted cable ties and had these at my door in 3 days what great service for such a little sale.I wish everything was this easy.
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I would like to get 50 each of 6 different colors and those can be dealers choice Just let me know how much and where to send it
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