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    Jun 30, 2009
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    I have some freinds that have ordered deleware and RIR and I think the other hens were cinnamon queens, Im not really sure which of the cross breds the lighter hens were, I will have to ask ..The birds were all from Cackles.

    They crossed the deleware roo and RIRs , then deleware roo and Cinnamons.
    They were not interested in showing but producing bigger better eggs. They were telling me the deleware is pretty rare and hard to get by show breeders much like australorps .

    I am just going to have to take a picture of the eggs they brought me last week. Thye have to be some sort of record. Maybe it was just a freak thing , I have seen many a big egg and double yoker in my day from just about every breed, but never ever seen anything like this.

    I just had to go see the girls that laid these monster baseball eggs. And I was suprised, they were actually small birds. I could not beleive those eggs came out of such small hens, I asked them where are you hiding the emus that laid these eggs? I thought they were pulling my leg and they were big goose eggs, but with the classic RIR egg color
    Ive been having a blast watching thier project develop. I just think it was some sort of genetic freak, but they seemed to know what they were after from the start. I said 2 of these eggs could feed an army batalion.
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    Jan 26, 2009
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    I ordered Barred rocks from Cackle in Sept. They were all healthy and big chicks. Now they are getting very big, and all sixteen are alive. Good luck.

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