Calibrating Dickey ???

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    I am going to order a Dickey 2x2 incubator, and I wonder if I will need to calibrate the thermometer/hygrometer that comes with it? If I do, what type of thermometer/hygrometer should I use/

    Thank you!

  2. A.T. Hagan

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    I have a Dickey 2x2 myself and use the thermometer/hygrometer that came with it. I would recommend calibrating the hyrgrometer as they can sometimes be off by a good bit. It's not hard to do, but takes about two days.

    Here's a link to the best explanation of the process I've found:!-Hygrometer-Calibration&id=602308

    You don't have use all the various salts it talks about. Plain, ordinary table salt is all you need and follow the directions.
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    I have a dickeys incubator and a dickeys 5 tray hatcher. I used the digital thermometer/ hygrometer that came with and didn't have to calibrate anything. Maybe I should have but didn't.

    I do recommend running it with all the vents opened for at least one week and open the door with it running for a few minutes every day during that time. There was a strong smell of wood finish in both of mine that took a while to dissipate.

    I set eggs right away and had horrible hatches for the first month and I am sure if I had took the time to air it out things would have been fine.

    I love my dickeys incubators. My hatch rates have shot thru the roof. Before them I was hatching maybe 30% to 50% and thinking that was great because the araucana breed is always difficult to hatch. Now I am hatching at 95% which really for araucana is amazing. Last week only 1 egg didn't hatch.

    You will love the dickeys.


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