california white personality?

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    Jun 1, 2008
    I got a california white chick a couple years ago. She was in my ameraucana pen and I decided to free range her with them starting last fall. She became pretty attached to my dh and follows him around a lot. She is always squatting for him as he walks by and just seems so in love with him. I didn't know if this was just a thing on this particular breed or if she is just special?
    He walked out there 2 days ago and was eating a cookie, as he was talking to my son he put his hand down and she jumped up and stole the cookie, first time any chicken has stolen anything here. He now can't even cook at the grill without her coming over to peck his ankles looking for attention. Most of our chickens are extemely friendly and are handled, but none seem to have her personality.
    so is this breed specific?
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    Well, being a California bird she must be cool. [​IMG]

    It can be great to get a bird w/ fun idiosyncrasies. Our Leghorns are just like that. Follow us, grab food, want attention.

    Some birds just rock more than others.

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