Call duck beginner! need some advice! PLEASE help :)!


8 Years
Jan 6, 2012
Hiya people! just recently got 2 call ducks for my birthday, and i just wanted to get some basic tips on raising them, and also have a few queries answered!

1: they're 4 weeks old, approximtely. we've just built a coop out back for them, and i was wondering if it was ok to let them stay out all night and day etc at this age, as they currently sleep in the bath tub at night!

2: is it too early to let them swim, (their pond is a little kiddie pool), or if i do let them swim must i dry them off straight after they're finished?

3: how often should i be changing the water? (if you type in "plastic kiddie pools" in google, the one i have is around the sizes shown.

4: they RUN from me when i approach them any time, is this going to be perpetual, or will they grow to trust me and enjoy my presence if i persist with the attention? ( any tips on getting them to like me would be appreciated)

i think that's about all i have to ask at this point, any advice would be magnificent, even on topics i did not ask about.

all the best!
- sebastian!

* also, i live in australia, so its rather warm at this time of the year, so dont think im leaving them out in the snow or freezing temperatures! (just thought i should clear that up, in regards question number 1)
1) are they feathered out yet?. sorryy it seems like forever since mine were that young, i dont exactly recall when exactly they feathered out. butt if they are feathered out, they can stay outside.

2) you can let them swim. just make sure they can get out , you may have to add steps for the,. mine were swimming at 3 days old (not in a kiddy pool of corse tho)

3) water changing, whenever it gets dirty. it all depends on how much time they spend in there. once a day is usually a good rule. you will NEVER keep the water crystal clear so dont worry .

4)peas, peas, and more peas. mine are around 7 months old. and while they do not come running to me for love, they do not run from me anymore (finally). they follow me to c what i am doing. and keep in mind i raised them from day old chicks, they all go thru a phase where people are murderers.

i love my calls.
the best feeling in the world is when the girls call to you when they hear you.
and i mean they are loud. they really live up to their names.
and I don't even pretend to know that much about calls except from what I've read here, but congrats on some of the cutest and smallest ducks in ducky world, You do know they fly and fly well, so either they will need a covered pen or trim one wings flight feathers, you can google how it's done. Since your into summer at 4 weeks they can swim all the time but you'll probably need to change the water often depending on how messy they are, once a day or at least every other day. at 4 weeks they are probably feathering out pretty good? you probably don't need to dry them off, I'd say if your having warm temps at night they can cuddle together for warmth if need but would probably do okay out all night,. and as for making them friendly just like you said lots of attention and treats. Peas are a favorite, try sitting quietly with them and let themn just come to you and check you out, offer peas on the ground first getting closer as they feel comfy, then hopefully before you know it they will be eating out of your hand, most ducks don't like to be picked up but just to get them to come close without being afraid is awesome. all the best and post pics when you can. also about the pool most of us aren't blessed with a pond and use kiddie pools for our ducks. enjoy.also be sure they are in a secure place at night and during the day because preds will come around and I know you don't want your new babies to end up as some preds supper.
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