Call duck eggs not moving forward fast enough!!!! Help my baby's pleas


9 Years
Sep 18, 2010
I have two call duck eggs in the bator. They internaly pipped yesturday, this morning the first one externaly pipped. It is now after midnight and both eggs now have a circle of shell off but the skin (not sure what you call that) is white and i can see the bill trying to come through but they seem to be getting tiered. I have been spraying them with warm water. Do i open the white skin so they can breath cause i don't want these ones to die too. Help me if you can. Thank you very very much. Angie.
you need to take the white skin off so they can come out, It looks like they are ready to come out but are stuke from the skin.
Thanks for your reply. I opened them up a little and now they can breath no problem. I did that last night. This morning they are still the same way. I am slowly taking off more shell bit by bit. They are chirpping thier little hearts out. As soon as they hear me. Now i have a question or two. There seems to be the shell, then the skin right under the shell, then there is another skin that is around the duckling. Is that correct? When i chip away at the shell i also wet the skin just under the shell and slowly remove that in tiny pieces. I am a little worried about the skin thats around the duckling itself. I spray it cause it goes white rather quickly, (i do that while it's in the bator). I wrape the egg with a warm wet cloth when i have it out of the bator and the skin around the duckling i dab it with a warm wet q-tip. I don't know how much further to go. Out of eight ducklings that i've helped hatch i did open one that didn't absorb the yolk sack so now i'm realy worried about doing it again. I'm not sure why that one still had the yolk sack because she was hatched three days after her brothers and sisters, so maybe it was just not suppose to be anyway. I just don't want to hurt them. How do you know if they have absorbed the yolk? Which skin is the one they call the membrain and the one that has all the veins? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for any way that you can help me and my little ducklings. Angie. I can get a pic of the eggs if that would help.
Thank you very much for replying. I found your website late last night. Thats exactly what i've been following. Sometimes i need more explanation. Who knew how many different layers there are in an ity bity egg. I have pics i'm going to add at the end. When ever i wet the membrain it looks like it's red like blood but when i move it over the egg shell i think it's just the colour of the duckling. I guess it's just me, i'm very worried about hurting them. Ok back to the eggs, i will add pics after this. Thanks again, Angie.
Thanks to all you pros!!! I can breath again.... The top shell is off, took me a long time. The yolk is absorbed and so far all looks goooood... Now i need a nap. A special thanks to Sundown. If it wasn't for your website i would have quit and lost them all. Now i'm ready for the next batch, after a good sleep. Thanks all. Here are some pics of the long prosess. Angie.


Sorry, me again. Guess what, i have another question. What kind of heat light do you duck ladies use for your ducklings? I was told 100 watt red light and then i was told they aren't good for ducks that i should use clear bulbs 100 watt. I think i will take the word of the ladies who helped me deliver my little ones. You all seem to know what your're doing so help me out here. I don't want to start out with the wrong light for my new ones. My older ones have been under the 100 watt red for over a week now. Thanks again, can't seem to say it enough. Angie.
Thanks for the reply. I was woundering if you could help with the colour of my ducks? Mom and dad, i'm not sure of but i was told they are, mom-snowy call and dad-butterscotch cross? The ducklings seem to be black or brown, maybe even blue, with yellow spots on wings and chest. I have pics but thier not very good but here goes.Oh and most importantly thier bills and feet are black. All of my calls have orange feet. What happened?
Mom and dad, the two in the front.


Baby's with black feet and bill.

They don't look like mom or dad?????
They were so cute and lively. I don't know why they didn't make it. They just started falling over on thier backs. My other ducklings were wobbly but they didn't fall over the way these two cuties did. I am so upset!!!!

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