call duck hatching day 28. Helped break the shell.

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    Jul 29, 2011
    1 have 4 eggs, yet only three are fertile, but the duck hen is dead as a sly fox got her [​IMG].
    Now i have one egg about to hatch but problems have arose and i feel the duckling is struggling to hatch or free itself.
    Please any advice would be grateful

    I need some help from where to go now. sorry for my terrible inexperience
    Day 26 -27, day and half ago i heard the duckling pipping so, i left the duckling to try create any bumps or small hole.
    When i woke this morning, the duck was chirping and pipping (slowly) away , It stopped around afternoon and still nothing , slight movement but thats all.
    I am worried cause i think the duckling might be upside down and pipping at the small end of the egg.
    I cracked the wide end of the egg off to help it breathe perhaps where the egg sack is.
    There is a bit of yellow spots (could be the yolk or feathers? not sure.),But no leaking blood.
    I think i see the knees of the duckling sticking out.
    I fear the umbilical cord is at the air sac end, but not too sure?
    I placed some q tips with warm water on top of the white rubbery membrane and , it became see through- ish small blood vessels visible with blood , and one larger blood vessel which i think might be the chord.

    I uploaded some picks.

    image 1

    image 2

    image 3

    image 4

    3-4 hours later
    Wet membrane with small blood vessels

    image 5

    image 6

    My own judgment is not enough,
    I tried to help it but could be doing more damage.

    My question is Can somebody perhaps discuss with me what should i do next.
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    The membrane still looks dry maybe you could help it by breaking the membrane or bring up the humidity if blood shows up than I would stop messing with it for a while, I myself do not help any of my babies hatch b/c I believe that if they can’t make it out by themselves than they will be weak, but it is all up to you in end.

    POCGOC Out Of The Brooder

    Jul 29, 2011
    Its really a last resort, due to the fact it stopped moving and pipping yesterday to this morning and ever since i broke through the shell it's being a bit more lively thank god. And since call ducks are renown to been terrible hatchers Its my last chance to help it live.

    Thanks for your advice

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