Call duck hatching help - mine are not hatching:(

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    Apr 30, 2011
    I've been reading posts here for awhile before I started trying to hatch eggs and I thought I had it figured out but I can't get my call duck eggs to hatch [​IMG] Here's what I've been doing so far and any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Okay - so I've been collecting the eggs everyday from my girls and I set a group a week (started around 4 eggs but now they are laying more so it's between 9-12 currently and I've been doing this for about a month). All have been fertile [​IMG] I have a Hova-bator forced air incubator with a turner and I have the center tray filled with water and it stays pretty close to 100 degrees. They seem to do great for the first 24 days - I currently have the incubator full (4 sets at different stages of incubation) and I've only had 3 stop developing so far - I'm happy with that...

    So day 24 comes around for the very first group I set (2 eggs - I couldn't wait for a week on the first eggs lol). I move them to another incubator for lock down which is an older style hova-bator but it holds a steady temp of 100 degrees, forced air and humidity stays at 75%. Of the first two, one pipped and the other didn't. The one that pipped didn't make any progress for about 24 hours so i took the shell off of the pipped section so it could breath and he progressed some but when he decided to hatch the yolk was not fully absorbed and he died shortly after [​IMG] The other did not pip and when I opened the shell it looked like the membrane had dried out - possibly before I put them in lock down so I blamed that on humidity during incubation.

    My second set had four eggs and when I candled before lock down one air cell looked larger so I wasn't expecting that to hatch (I've since been monitoring the humidity better in the first incubator to try and prevent that). I put them in lock down on day 24 and I heard peeping on day 25. We had a bad wind storm on the night of day 26 and when I checked the incubator in the morning the humidity was down to 60% so added more water and it went back to 75% within 20 minutes but I think it was at 60% for a few hours. Day 27 came and went and nothing - no pipping or hatching. When I broke these eggs open 2 off the babies had broken through the inner membrane but did not get through the shell. The third egg seemed to be dead for awhile (maybe day 20) and the fourth egg was the one with the large air cell and didn't break through any membranes.

    I'll be putting my third set into lock down on Tuesday with 9 eggs. I REALLY would like to get some baby ducks out of this one - besides the humidity going down to 60% in the second hatch is there any thing else that I'm doing wrong? Or other suggestions to getting it right? I know this is a long post but I wanted to include all the details to find out why my ducks weren't hatching. Thanks!!!!!!!
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    Alot of people are going to disagree with me, but I failed duck hatch after duck hatch, then let my humidity rest at 55% and they all hatched. If you ask me, ducks are difficult to hatch. I have no problems with chickens.

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