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12 Years
Jan 17, 2008
Yay! I went out and realized my east indie duck had actually started laying eggs. My male snowy call breeds with her. They were cold and had been in the pen for about 3 days though, I observed to see if she sat on them, but she did not. So the next time she lays I will be hatching them! I know they're fertile too because I cracked a couple open and saw the bullseye.
I am very happy with the calls I bought at a show in December. She has layed all winter long with only a few days break during an ice storm. Her eggs are kind of green shelled and great. I am getting ready to get my incubator started soon. I can't wait.

I noticed the same thing emily, a couple of the eggs she layed are bluish.

But I now have 5 east indie x snowy call eggs in the bator.

If only my mandarins started laying now...

I'm so excited!
My magpie female laid her 1st egg today, not in her nest but just in front of it. This is my 1st duck and first pair. What do I need to expect? Will they go broody like a chicken or is it different? do i go out and get the egg if she is not sitting on it?
ducks will go broody like a chicken. some might not. Some have that "maturnal" instinct. If you really want to hatch it, and you see her not setting, then get it and incubate it or you could very well pop it under a broody chicken.
I wish I had a broody hen!! geezo, no one is cooperating!

Oh well I guess I will have to wait,for the bator to come open.
LinckHillPoultry --
I have the opposite: a call duck and east indie drakes. I hope they will breed. Please keep us updated, I'd love to see pics. I just lost my male call, so I'm crossing my fingers.....
I currently see no emybro development in the call x indie eggs. I do, however, see development in my one muscovy egg.... so crossing my finger it holds out.

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