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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by jdduck, Mar 1, 2015.

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    We have just gotten a pair of white calls and I have a few questions that I have not been able to find an answer to without reading a 4000 post thread. Can put other female ducks in the same pen and if I do will the drake call try to mate her? Can I put some bantum chickens in the same pen? And can a let the calls free range during the day or will they fly off and how do they far with their wings clipped.thanks for help.
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    You could try to put them together but calls probably prefer to only be in pairs (don't know this for sure but that's how most breeders do it) It doesn't even matter if you don't want hatching eggs though and it is most likely that the drake will try to mate with your ducks all you have to do is not hatch anything. Call ducks are really loud (probably the loudest, that's why they were named Call)

    I would not put your bantam chickens in with your ducks only because you don't know how they react if they were ducklings and raised with your bantams than it'd be fine because they'd accept them as siblings. If you were in the Pacific Northwest like I am I wouldn't suggest it because of the Avian influenza problem that ducks carry and don't get effected themselves. Ducks tend to be messier than chickens because they mix there water with their food making a mess fast. Only do it if you have to.

    Muscovies, and most bantam ducks all fly and most likely will fly away if allowed to free range. You could clip their wings or pinion their wings but since their so small they'd get themselves into trouble anyways. I would have an enclosed pen.

    Good luck and I hope you figure this out.
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    Apr 29, 2014
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    Thank you right now they have there own covered pen. But I am just looking at later on hoping some of the other around here could go in with them. The only time the girl has mad any noise so far was when we moved them in to the pen and she could not see him for a few minutes. Other than that they have been very quiet.
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    You can yes, but what breed? i have two flocks of calls... the parents & the kids, and then more kids lol So i definitely no longer have pairs in one pen, it works.. that said calls are VERY small and personally i am not a fan of mixing them with larger duck breeds. They can be seriously hurt.

    When introducing any new birds, quarantine and i also suggest penning newbies within the existing so they can get to know one another without causing harm, generally as well, at least two bringing in single birds is a bit rough, not impossible not like chickens...but still nicer if the newbies have company till the flock sorts itself out.

    some of my chickens and ducks co-mingle BUT no one lives together, ducks as said, messy, wet, muddy and chickens like dry... and dirt... also chickens fight mean, those pecks can take an eye out.

    My calls are full flight but i have them covered and penned, i know some do have them loose and full flight too.. it's tricky and totally depends on your pred factor and ability for the ducks to remain around. I keep my scovies full flight but i free range and feel that is unfair to clip.

    Call drakes are drakes they will try to mate any female they can, regardless of her size.. they actually have quite the moxie given their size.
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