call duckling has a tremor


10 Years
Jun 9, 2009
Hi i need to know what to do, i hatched a call duck on saturday, it started shaking more or less as soon as it was on its feet and has not stopped, it is fine when it lay down and is eating and drinking ok, but its tremor is pretty bad, dont want it to suffer, will it come around, or do i do the needful???
Does it appear to be in pain? If not, I would give it a chance. You might want to try Poly Vi Sol in the duck's water.
No i dont seem to be in pain, just shaking badly so much it moves backwards. I have seperated it from the other duckling because i read somewhere it could spread, but give no advice with want to do!!! What is this stuff for the water, how will it help and is it easy to get your hands on it. Thanks for your reply Debbie

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