Call duckling pair local pick up only IL (Added more pics)

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    I would like to start out saying I am not an expert on colors or sexing, so if my information seem incorrect, please feel free to correct me. [​IMG]

    Pair (meaning 2 ducklings, not sexed pair) of call ducklings. Hatch date 6/17/11. I am not sure what hen and drake these are out of. We had 1 grey drake(pure call), 1 chocolate drake (pure call), 2 chocolate hens (pure), 1 white call (pure), 1 black bibbed hen(1/2 call, 1/2 black east indie), 1 snowy hen (1/2 call, 1/2 ?, she was just slightly larger than call size.) I do not have these ducks anymore. They were killed by a fox and these are out of the orphan eggs that did not get smashed, but I do have some pics of the possible parents.

    I *think* these may be grey? They are both eating and drinking well. Very active little things. I can not ship due to weather and I have never shipped babies before, so I would like this to be local pick up only. Zip code is 61102 if you need to mapquest for distance. I am not NPIP currently, working on that.

    These are not from show quality stock and they are considered mix colors and possible mix breed. They are either 3/4 call or full call, but I cannot know for sure. I am not sure on gender either.

    Cash at pick up please. Feel free to ask any questions.



    Possible parent pictures
    chocolates (purchased at Ohio Nationals in 2010)

    Grey drake and white hen

    Snowy hen ( she is a little bigger and a mix)

    The black bibbed hen was the same size as the snowy, but I do not have a picture of her.

    I thought this may help.
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