Call Ducklings on order--nervous & need advice.


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Feb 12, 2009
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I have 6 ducklings coming in May/June. I've heard they don't ship well. Is this true? What should I look for, prepare for, special needs? I want to insure their survival as best as I can on my end. Advice? Thanks so much.

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My ducks had no problem shipping, but this is my first time, and they weren't call ducks... =X

I ordered from McMurray, and only one of my Cayugas was even remotely 'worse off' than the rest. Her only problem was her eyes were kind of crusted over for a couple days, and I had to wash them off a lot. As a precaution, I gave her some sugar water a couple times, but I think Gatorade or something would have been better; it's got electrolytes (however you spell it).

Make sure you check them at the Post Office, so any staff there can be witnesses in case one of them is DOA.

Also, you know not to let them in a pool on their own for a little while eh?
(I'm BAAAAAD... =P I let them have a supervised swim, dried them off, and then made sure they were warm a couple times a day.) BUT, don't let them doodle around in their water dishes and get cold and wet either...


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Oct 23, 2007
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As long as the ducklings are at least 2 wks old when they ship out they will be fine. Just remember the water rule!! Ducklings can drown their selfs when they have been without water for a day or so..

Give them water when you get them out of the shipping box, only let them drink for a few minutes, then take away the water for about 10 minutes, then give the water back for about 5-6 minutes, take away for about 10-15 minutes, then give the water back...basicaly make sure they dont over drink the first two times, if they drink too much at once they can actually drown theirselfs..falling backward and die.

Also dont allow the ducklings around other older ducklings, call ducks dont do very well with older ducklings, group them by age and you wont have any problems.

One more topic...hey Mrs. Turbo I heard you are really cute.

Turbo...or just Jerry.

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