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    Oct 10, 2008
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    Hello everyone, as much as we sometimes want to keep positive in having chickens it is not possible for everyone to have that luxury due how some states in the U.S still need to change some of there laws.

    As in this article ( ) shows NY and other states that are citites and have even harder laws than others have already allowed citizens to keep chickens but compared to other states it is still not possible.

    Right now I live in the state in Florida and have chickens in my suburban home and soo many other people as well that live in florida and keep chickens against the law, as do many BYC members here! The thing is Florida doesnt allow for residential home owners to have chickens in there property. I believe this is very unfair due to how states and cities like NYC that are way up in society can have chickens, and places that are more agricultural areas than them like Florida cannot have chickens at all. I live in the Orange county in Florida(Orlando) and they are prohibited by law. Now I think it is time like it was time for NYC to change the laws in our states to allow the keepsaking of poultry of any kind.

    We are in such hard times now, affecting many different people in different ways, economically, financially, and spiritually due to these times. But having these animals are a help because they help us in many ways including spiritually by taking away stress.

    But due to the economy i know allot of people that have bought chickens to have some extra eggs in the week, and also be more green.

    There is another thread ( Chicken Owner Needs Help Fighting City Hall- ) at this moment of another Florida resident that also needs help, but please do not see this as help to only her and myself but to all Florida residents and above.

    I am just asking for everyone to please come in and help me find a way to solve this. It DOESNT matter if you are or are not a Florida Resident but we need all the support we can get. Please send emails, handwritten letters, and concerns to the Governor of Florida Charlie Crist, and Senator Mel Martinez. The links are provided below so please take your time to write them as we need all the help we can get, and you might be in the same position as ours.

    1. [email protected]


    have already sended my email to both, and hope that everyone can send one as well as that will pursue them to change these laws!

    So please do help in any way you can, and lets see what we can do as a BYC family.

    Thank you!
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    Quote:Please cite the Florida statute that prevents chicken ownership by residential homeowners.
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