Calling Missourians!! I Need To Change An Ordinance!

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by BCB, Jan 11, 2011.

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    Jul 21, 2008
    SW Missouri
    Hey everyone! I just got back from our city council meeting and it was quite a firework show. I think they were going to tell me to get rid of our chickens but I convinced them to consider changing the ordinances. My city council is pretty cool and I know most of them quite well and they are understanding of my situation. Unfortunately, my neighbor has complained and they are being forced into action about this. They specifically asked for me to find examples of students who have gotten their chickens okayed by other city councils in the area. I'm in the FFA and I have been showing all over the place at both local and National shows. They are mostly interested in people from Missouri, but I might be able to swing similar situations from across the US.
    I think they are purely interested in seeing if they can "exempt" me from this ordinance, but I'd like to change it for everyone if possible.
    So any comments, concerns, stories, advice, ect would be amazing. I'll add some more info soon as I can get my thoughts straightened out.

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    Howdy. Just posted some links the other day (post#6):

    them to get with the program [​IMG]

    Search for Hen Ordinance in both the Columbia Daily Tribune and Columbia Missourian (relevant material in archives). Heck, just call the Columbia Center For Urban Agriculture (link in post).

    Good luck!
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    Thank you!! I just got back from my city hall and it turns out that chickens are legal!! The only thing they have me on is the chicken house that I moved in. It says that the house needs to be at least 25 feet away from any residential structure. It is at least 25 feet away from the neighbors, but only about 6 feet away from my house...
    They are also mad because it used to be a dog kennel, so it is butt ugly. And apparently, we needed permission to move it in or something like that. The mayor is wanting to work with me, though. He just wants to make sure that everyone else is happy with him too.
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    So the butt ugly dog kennel would be OK if there was a dog in it but not a chicken?
    Do you have room to build something 25' from your house?
    How many chickens do you have?
    If you build something pretty, I'm sure there would be fewer complaints.\\
    You may even be able to dress up the dog kennel. How about wrapping it in a shade cloth like this?;ft1_sunblocker_bulk_shade_cloth_1.html
    I use this stuff on my field hoop pens so neighbors don't know how many I have.

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