Campbells or Something Else


7 Years
Mar 6, 2012
Colorado Eastern Plains
Eight weeks ago, we acquired a couple of ducks that were supposed to be Khaki Campbells. Today, I'm not so sure that they are. Course, we did get these from Murdoch's and so one never knows what one is going to end up with from hatchery deliveries as I have long since learned with our Easter Eggers which were labeled as Aracaunas. I've included some pictures of the two of them.

Puddleduck is a nice brown color almost chocolate and the bill is a nice pale color and Chupacabra is grey and has a darker bill. Neither of which look like the color of khaki campbells that I've seen. So, either I have mixed breeds or something else all together.


Puddleduck looks like a KC to me
Not too sure about Chupacabra?
Pretty ducks. Puddleduck looks like maybe she could be a dark campbell, although those are pretty rare. Chupacabra looks like maybe a blue swedish drake flew the fence into the khaki pen?
Puddle duck is a dark khaki... Pretty rare. Hold onto her :)

Other looks like a low quality blue runner... cross maybe.

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